My first day began with a shared flight with my Ex-girlfriend. Something I was dreading but we managed to get along fine and even had a heart-to-heart chat before parting ways indefinitely.

I still think she lacks introspection with her role in the breakup but that’s not really my problem anymore.

I just don’t care for someone who doesn’t care about me.

After that I managed to have a productive morning getting a bank account set up along with my Australian Tax Number (ATN) and a sim card.

The second day was rather boring, just applying to jobs but it ended with an extremely drunk couple hooking up in our 8-bed dorm at 4am.

Oh #HostelLyfe again.

That hostel managed to close down shortly after my stay due to the government seizing the land for construction, so I had to move.

Onto Kings Cross. An area known for partying but I was not in the party mood.

My hostel mates managed to drag me out a couple nights where I ran into my Ex out clubbing, which was just about as awkward as it sounds.

But no matter, I managed to make out with a hot Aussie girl who wanted to take me home but I got cockblocked by two Swedish girls, who afterward acted like they did me a favor.

Just a strange night that one.

After that I met with two recruiters in the CBD to be considered for 3 procurement contract roles and was starting to feel like the job search might be easier than expected.

Not so.

I wasn’t shortlisted for any of the roles and am still on the hunt for a high-paying job.

But that’ll come eventually, I just have to stay focused on it.

Managed to go on a couple tinder dates while I was there but nothing became of them.

Two of them were especially weird. One was local girl but I met up with her after she had been drinking all day so she was out of energy and left to go take a nap.

The other date was an American girl and the worst tease I’ve ever met. She seemed totally keen right up until we got back to her room. I left when it wasn’t going anywhere.

So I left my second hostel in search of a better hostel because the place didn’t have hot water in the showers and the kitchen was a nightmare.

I went to hostel #3 around the corner that was even worse but not by much. I stayed 3 days and left.

Ended up at a hostel I enjoyed but with one major downside…

I got bedbug bites all over my body on the third night. It was horrific.

I notified the staff and they put our room into quarantine. We weren’t allowed to change beds or move rooms but they promised to give us a two night refund and to clean up the issue as well as pay for our laundry to be done as much as needed.

Reluctantly, I stayed, but the issue still remains. They did not clean up the room as promised and now I’m forced to evacuate.

After the bedbugs in my mattress I met a sexy Swedish girl and just slept in her bed for 3 nights, avoiding the bedbugs altogether and having a fun time in the process 😉


It’s been up-and-down so far but that’s just life on the road.

Everything changes so fast but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s so much better than being stuck in the same place, working the same job, with the same friends, and going to the same places back at home.

I always have to think of the positive aspects of travelling because life certainly isn’t easier than back at home, it’s certainly more challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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